Certification of Appreciation

9NFTMANIA is providing "Certification of Appreciation" to the candidates who are interested in blockchain project. It has been observed that due to excesive speculation the price of crypto get increased and decreased. The major reason behind this is centralized liquidity that is provided by speculators. They make huge pools and remove them after collection of fund. 9NFTMANIA has proposed a model for distributed pool where people would be able to make liquidity pool with small amount. This amount may be from $2 to $1000. 9NFTMANIA would reward them by "Certificate of Appreciation" NFT. This NFT has value of 100 Matic, but candidates those who participate in liquidity pool may aquire it just in $2-$5.
Click here to view Certificate
Click here to view expected Liquid pool (If amount above $100)

Benefits to Participants:
  1. Participants would have knowledge of metamask and block chain during configuration process
  2. Participants would now how to buy any token buy swaping
  3. Participants would have knowledge regarding liquidity pool
  4. There would be distributed liquidity pool of 9NM that would make its fundament strong because there would be number of holders and they would have invested small amount in it.
  5. Value of 9NB would get continous growth due to distributed liquidity pool.
  6. Participants may also buy and hold 9NM token for investment.
  7. This certification would be make candidates eligible for future scholarship programs.
  8. Certified Candidates name would be visible on the website of 9NFTMANIA.
  9. Participant are free to make their pool against there favourite crypto such as Core, Ice, Usdt, YPC.
  10. If the price of your favourite cryto get decreased then quantity of your favourite crypto would increase that has been pooled aganist 9NM.

Process of making liquidity pool and claiming "Certificate of Appreciation"

Step 1: Register yourself on 9nftmania.com
Step 2: Login and fill form B
Step 3: open icecreamswap.com
Step 4: Goto swap option
Step 5: choose Core/Ice/Usdt in first option of at least $1
Step 6: Choose 9NM in second option. Or set following contract address 0x55e8b74f4cb9a739b1f3e9148f32aed6944c6607
Step 7 : perform swap operation.
Step 8 : Select liquidity pool
Step 9 : select 9NM AND Core/Ice/Usdt
Step 10 : After setting quantity set Approval and add supply.

Note: Total vaue of liquidity pool must be more than $2 ($1 9NM + $1 Core/Usdt/Ice/Ypc)
Now send the screenshot of liquidity pool at 9.nftmania @gmail.com and claim for Block chain certificate that is in form of NFT. You would get certification NFT in your wallet. This certificate is transferable and could be sold in future.
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