Important Disclaimer for Registered Users
9Nftmania is world famous Nft Brand and it has listed its collection on Opensea market and Young parrot. It has been observed that there are 13k+ registered users on 9nftmania. But there is need to assure whether these wallets are capable to accept NFT or not. We are working on fundamentals and facts. The NFT value increases considering following factors:
  • Number of views
  • Number of favorities
  • Its circulation in owners
  • Market Volume
  • Use Case
  • Market Trend
Thus in order to increase the popularity of NFT all registered users are suggested to view 9nftmania NFT collection . Users should also add these NFT to their favorites in order to increase the chances of free air drop. In order to do so, they need not have any balance in their wallet. User are supposed to connect to metamask wallet with polygon matic chain.

Then user should just open some of the popular NFT that are available for air drop. These NFTs are listed below :
Vote for "One PI=314,159$"
PI 3D Animated NFT

Greeting NFT
Thank You
Good Morning NFT

Famous Meme NFT
Doge NFT
Pepe NFT

ARB NFT Collection
AI Code Animated NFT
ARB Doge Animated NFT
ARB Animated NFT
Just view them and add them to favorties.

Your address would be added to the list of favorites

If you successfully add these favorites then there would be following benefit
  • This would help in increasing value of that selected NFT and making them popular.
  • This is to assure whether user wallet is capable to hold that NFT or not.
  • Random users would be selected for air drop from favourite list.
  • You could easily track the status of that selected NFT in future.

So please keep visiting our NFT and add then in your favorties and watch Video to get more details regarding Airdrops and 9Nftmania projects. Considering wallet address in tweeter handle, favorites and comment section of videos, air drop would be made. Thus you should also follow us at our tweeter handle 9nftmania. Then retweet and like following Tweets. Such activities would priorities your wallet address. Thus you should focus on
  • Adding NFT to Favourites list of your Wallet
  • View/like/comment Videos
  • Liking/Following/Retweeting on Twitter

Download and view this pdf to evaluate Contribution of 9NFTMANIA in identification of genuine NFT Projectshttps://t.co/AbuDwWFiOy pic.twitter.com/oadn1PYA9X

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