Golden world from the 9Nftmania crypto analysts
Cryptomarket has its own potential and it is observed that there is need to stick on fundamentals. Person who works on fundamental concept should neither do the speculations and scams nor there is need to be a part of such speculations and scams. This is because crypto world considers decentralization. There is no one's monopoly but there remains need of awareness. The person who aquire the right script at right time generates profit while the person who speculate, remains in loss. There is just need to focus on some core fundaments that are

"Focus on liquidity pool and staking"
It is better to make liquidity pool of your digital asset and stake them to aquire maximum supply. The person is regularly buying and selling is paying trading charges on regular bases moreover he is also spending lot of time on regular trading. If we talk about fundamentals then liquidity pools make the value of digital assets such as cryptocurrency and NFT.

"Focus on blockchain instead of meme"
However, in last some years it is observed that meme such as Safemoon, Shiba, Lovely Inu, Baby Doge have gained too much hype. But investors should consider the usecase, total supply, price of per unit, life time high and life time low at the time of investing. Blockchain such as Core, Etheream, Polygon matic, Bnb, Tron should be considered.

"Excesive staking return is always risky"
It has been observed that the project who are providing major return such as more than 20-25% stacking return are losing there value at rapid rate so don't invest all your USDT as liquidity immediatly.

"Consider the total supply and use case"
There are lot of project where total supply is in million and trillion without any use case. So please don't speculate.

"Choose the NFT Carefully"
However there are lot of NFT collection in market. Some of them are very cute and attractive. But is considerable that these NFT should be presented by some well known brands that are stable as compared to random collection. Avoid buying NFT from non branded random collection. In this way all your NFT would be remain in your wallet without any use. Consider the working and services of NFT brand who are promoting their NFT before investing. Consider the views, Favourites, Volume of NFT.

"Do not put all eggs in single basket"
It means you should diversify your investment don't put all your money in single Script.

"Keep whole asset instead of keeping it on the bases of margin money"
Some time in order to be oversmart some crypto trader speculate and instead of keeping digital asset at full value the lose their money in daily trading. This is not investment, this is speculation. Moreover if you are not holding digital asset, how you could expect growth ?
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